Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BED DAY. http://dailybooth.com/kendraamy/2238351

go to that link to see what pic i am referring to. my internet is too slow to post it atm. today is a stay in bed kinda day. yes, all day. it is now 4:38 pm, and the only time i have been out of bed was to wash my hair. it needed to be done. blake lively is my fave. jeannie gave me this mag for christmas. since thursday i have had a sleepover every night. it has worn me out! thurs night i went to megs with the arts gang. firday i had holly over, saturday rachel and stephanie came over. and sunday night jeannie and carmen came over. i love living downtown again. it warms my heart and soul, being in the heart of the city, surrounded by friends, fashion, and shopping. the cutest little restaurants are down here. which reminds me!! i need to go buy some bubble tea... there is a bubble tea place reaaaal close to my house. mm, now i am getting hungry. i would have to get dressed tho... but it may be worth it. monday i went shopping with my sister marla and rachel down to urban outfitters and indigo. i bought a book at indigo, but nothing was too striking that was affordable at urbo. i think i should go get something to eat now?

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