Wednesday, June 10, 2009

blogger meet kendra, the blog-virgin.

hello. i know that know one will probably read this, but i do have a tiny bit of hope.

so, first off i will let you know a little bit about myself;

ke n d r a a l l e n

age: 16


my hair is blonde, my eyes are blue, i look swedish but i am really just a small town canadian girl, i am 5'5 1/2


reading, painting, drawing, photography, modeling, skinny dipping, shopping, creating, thinking, iced teas in many flavours, trying new things, clothing, friends, my mum.

favourite book:

aha, currently; the pretty little liars series. i read a lot..

people say that i am:

passionate, mysterious, creative, emotional, secretive, loving, nurturing, imaginative, intuitive


fixed water sign, true scorpio.


* my future posts shall include;
photos of my outfits
my artwork
my inspiration
talk about everything and anything on my mind

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