Monday, June 29, 2009

pretty little books.

i cannot seem to explain to anyone my absolute adoration for books. i used to be scared of reading series, i was afraid i wouldnt like them or something, yet another thing i cannot seem to explain, but now i am simply addicted. i cannot put them down! today, june 30, marks the day that the sixth book in the pretty little liars series is released. killer, it has been named, and it is by the one and only, sara sheperd.
i am calling chapter books in the morning to have them hold it for my daddy to pick up. i have been dying counting the days til its release.
it is a must read. the whole series.
my favourite character is aria, because i really seem to connect with her. she is artistic, independent, free spirited, and enjoys film making.

on another note, away from the topic of books, i just watched a terrible movie the other night. i dont think that i have ever been so dissapointed in a movie before! honestly, and it was a woody allen! i love his films! this one was named 'cassandras dream' and it was so dreadful, pointless, and slow, i could barely keep my eyes open. but knowing me, i sat through the whole darn thing... hoping that it would liven up. it never did.
<3 i hope that all of you readers out there, ... (crickets, aka, no one) will enjoy my future blog posts.
love the one and the only, miss kendra.

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