Monday, June 29, 2009

pain in the tail bone. (a rant)

i am in so much pain, and i dont know why! my tail bone is all swollen and i cant put any pressure on it. and i... ouch!
i am pretty much addicted to the 'sonic unleashed' game for ps3. as long as i am sitting in my dads lazy boy chair. or else i am screaming in pain. 
i am enjoying snacking on strawberries that i picked on saturday with my sisters and grandmother carole, and they are even more enjoyable on angel cake with whipped cream.
i love spending time with my nine year old step sister, iris. we enjoy gossiping, sneaking junk food, and telling stories. she is leaving for scotland with her dad on friday, and i will miss her dearly. i am very jealous of her new camera that her dad just bought her. he spoils her rotten. it is that new lime green one by fugifilm. it work so well, and mine seems to be getting weak.
plus; on the topic of my camera, the other day my little usb port that i use to my my memory card in so that i can import my pictures onto my computer BROKE.  yeah, i was on my sisters bed and when my friends robbie got up off of the bed the computer, which we were using, catapulted off the bed and onto the floor. causing my usb, which was connected, to be crushed in half!
i would also like to have you know that i will be posting (tomorrow) a bunch of pictures from my strawberry picking adventure! yaya!
oh my god! i just remembered that the second episode of season two of the secret life of the american teenager was on tonight! i dont get the channel, but i watch it on youtube! oh my god!!!!! that show is so amazing! and the last episode was so sad. i must now go watch it!!!!! 
i will think of much more, less boring, things to write later... <3

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