Monday, July 6, 2009

"Investigators probe fire cause ". more info about the fire. an artice from a local newspaper.

** FIRST OFF, the newspaper artice has a few things wrong. they say that onoly a few of our belongings were in the house, but in reality, everything we owned was in our house at the time of the fire. also, the damage was an estimated $100, 000. i am quite sad to see that whomever wrote the article, wrote their piece to make it seem as though nothing was ruined.

Investigators probe fire cause
Fire investigators are still trying to determine what caused a fire to break out at a home on Chatham Street on Friday.
Firefighters at the scene of the late-afternoon fire didn't feel comfortable determining the cause of the blaze. The house was empty and under renovations at the time of the fire.
Damage to the home is estimated at $80,000, but the cost could have been higher had someone been inside.
"It was hot enough to kill. If someone had been inside, they would have died," said assistant deputy fire chief Gord Ball.
Fire inspectors were at the home during the weekend trying to determine what caused the fire to break out. Investigators were not sure how the fire started or whether foul play was involved and likely won't make a determination for days.
"We're just investigating," Ball said. "It may be nothing ... but we just want to verify."
The fire marshal's office was also called to assess the home.
Passers-by noticed smoke coming from the home on Chatham Street just before 5 p. m. Friday. One went to a neighbouring home and asked the resident inside to call the fire department.
The other went to see what was amiss at the house. He tried to enter the house to see if there was anyone inside, but turned around once he saw flames.
Firefighters arrived in less than five minutes of receiving the call. Three trucks lined Chatham Street, a narrow roadway north of Princess Street just to the east of the Memorial Centre, as thick, black smoke billowed into the air.
The fire burned inside a room at the rear of the house and thick smoke filled the home. Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire and then pumped smoke out of the home.
A search of the home revealed that there was no one inside. Firefighters did remove a hamster from the basement and found the family cat in the backyard.
On Saturday, yellow tape surrounded the house, lining the sidewalk of Chatham Street. A Kingston fire department investigators truck sat in the driveway.
The frame of a rear window on the home leaned against the blue-panelled side wall of the house, near the empty opening where it once sat. Beyond the opening was nothing but the colour black.
The fire department said there was damage throughout the home. Smoke damage was noticeable throughout the house, coating everything in a jet-black hue on the upper level, main level and a little of the basement.
There was also water damage that trickled its way downstairs, Ball said.
The family that owns the home only had a few of their belonging in the basement. Ball said there was no furniture on the main floor of the home.
Some contents of the basement were damaged, but not significantly, he said.
"Her contents are in the basement, so they have smoke damage, no fire damage, but they're not gone," Ball said.
"There's a whole pile of good things we can say because there's a whole lot of bad things that didn't happen."

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