Friday, July 3, 2009

something terribe has happened.

i feel as if i am in some one elses dream. no, a nightmare. my house, that my mother has been working ever so hard to get ready for us to move into, has had a fire. i dont know that cause of it yet, as it just happened today, but they are investagating it as i write this. mom says that the house is going to be on watch all night, and maybe they will let us in tomorrow to see the damage. we have not been allowed in yet. im sure, though, all of my clothes, personal items, books, and belongings have been destroyed. i looked into the window, tears welling up, and everything was burn, black, and ruined. i feel sick, and unsure of everything. how could something so perfect suddenly become so wrong? so horrible? "..but i loved that house", mom said, through her tears. it breaks my heart, because this house was such a dream, such a god-sent, for us. we were just getting ready to settle in there this weekend, and thats were mom has been staying. at our house, trying to get it ready. we thought things were turing around.. looking up. and i keep asking my self, begging for the answer to the question that everyone has, why do such terrible things happen to such good people?

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