Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dear Old Polyvore, I Miss You

scuba diving in greece.

i once stumbled upon a magical site called polyvore. i used it all the time, and it was amazing, it let me freely express myself so well. but since then, i have found so many other terrific sites that allow me to express my creativity such as blogger, lookbook, flickr.. I have really, not purposly, let go of my old best friend, polyvore. i may pick it up again, once my life settles down, but, until then, i like to admire my sets that i have made in the past. the one feautured above is a set that i made for a polyvore role play. i was in a few of those, and they were a blast. it is titled scuba diving in greece, because that was a required set activity in the role play. hope you enjoy :)


  1. Lovely!

    I haven't been on the Polyvore site before, but I just checked it out and love it!!!

  2. I have the exact same story! I used to go on Polyvore all the time and i was so happy when i discovered it because i had nowhere to be creative. Now i go on Lookbook all the time and have just set up my own blog. I'm hardly ever on polyvore now :(

    follow my blog :)

    And i love how you have your blog title Passionbolt. Mine in just plain lettering :( How did you get yours like that?

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